It’s that time of year again…

Tis the season to reflect on accomplishments and get ready to ring in 2014. A few 2013 highlights include: launching Liu Xiaodong’s first video work with s[edition] in Venice, organizing sustainable projects during Beijing Design Week, receiving coverage of Open House: Black Space / White World in the Wall Street
, VIP ChART experiences, and Day Without Art. We hope you have enjoyed the journey and we
thank you for supporting our mission of bringing together art & people!

现在正是反观过去成就并准备迎接2014年的时节。我们在2013年的几大活动亮点包括:与s[edition]一起推出了刘小东威尼斯的第一个影像作品,在北京设计周期间策划有关可持续发展的项目,在《华尔街日报》里得到关于“样板间:黑色房间和苍白世界”的报道,VIP ChART体验以及“一天无艺术日”。我们希望你们在这过程中收获了快乐,也要感谢你们支持我们连接人与艺术的使命!

top(L):Sustainable Skins     
top (R):Megan Connolly, Liu Xiaodong and
Kc Vienna Connolly (L-R)
bottom(L): Day Without Art            
bottom(R): Open House: Black Space / White World - Ding Xin,
KC Vienna Connolly, Meng Site, and Megan Connolly (L-R)

Two years ago, we were moved by the graduate work of Meng Site, a talented young artist who will receive his MA from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. We invited him to submit an Open House proposal. He seemed very interested in the Open House curatorial approach, which places art by emerging artists in local communities where spaces are for rent, sale or slated for demolition. Days, weeks, months and finally years passed with no word from Meng. In June, we were pleasantly surprised to receive Meng Site’s Open House proposal and on November 24, 2013 we organized Open House: Black Space / White World in Caochangdi. Unlike the spacious red brick galleries designed by Ai Weiwei, which are visible from the Open House venue windows, “ordinary people” live in 10 – 25 sqm rooms and rents range from CNY 300 – 1,500 per month.


Meng Site (b. 1988) is from Shaoyang, Hunan province and his work touches on the impact of the one child policy. His mysterious canvases pull the viewer into his imagination where fantasy is combined with loneliness, confusion and uncertainty.Stay tuned for the Open House: Black Space / White World catalogue. If you are interested in learning more about Meng Site and the Open House project contact us@

孟思特,1988年出生于湖南邵阳,他的作品反映了独生子女政策的影响。他的神秘画作带领观众走入他的想象,在那里幻想与孤独、迷惑及不确定性并存。 敬请期待“样板间:黑色房间和苍白世界”的画册。如果你想要更多地了解孟思特以及“样板间”项目,请发送邮件至与info@chartcontemporary.com我们联系。

top(L): 9 Days
middle(R): 3 AM Drum
bottom(L): Memory from when I was 7 No. 3
bottom(R): Memory from when I was 7 No. 6

ChART mobilized 8 students in 2008 and brought Day Without Art to China. In 2013, we engaged over 200 students. Special Thanks to the US Embassy in Beijing for partnering with us for the second year. Leading up to December 1, we organized TALK ART programs at an orphanage, vocational school, and two local high schools. Students asked questions and created posters in response to the presentation, which focuses on raising Awareness through creativity. On December 1, the Inside Out Museum shut the doors as a symbolic gesture and hosted Day Without Art. Over 200 posters were exhibited in the museum and students worked together to create a Keith Haring inspired graffiti wall on-site. Participants were encouraged to eat candy from a pile inspired by Felix Gonzales Torres and we danced to music by Gil Scott Heron and Fela Kuti. CCTV covered the event and many parents joined in raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic. We believe it is hard to change the world overnight but together we can make a dent!


top: Day Without Art
bottom(L): The Last Dusk
bottom(R): Day Without Art

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The Last Dusk

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