March 12 – 17, 2015

ChART Contemporary organizes VIP tours during Art Basel Hong Kong & Art Central. Sign up today! Email:

March 05 – 08, 2015

ChART Contemporary Director, Megan Connolly, leads VIP tours during The Armory Show. Link

December 03, 2013

Day Without Art featured on Link

December 02, 2013

Day Without Art featured on Link

December 01, 2013

Day Without Art featured on CCTV News. Link

November 28, 2013

Open House featured on Link

November 22, 2013

Open House featured on The Wall Street Journal Asia Scene blog. Link

September 05, 2013

The art world is a competitive industry of raw talents. Link

August, 13 2013

BJDW meets Megan and KC Vienna Connolly… Link

June, 11 2013

ChARTing & Art – Flair in’ it @ Art Basel Hong Kong… Link

April, 11 2013

ChART: Two NY Sisters ChART a New Course for Contemporary Art in China. Link

April 2013

ChART chimes in on the 1,2,3s of 798. Link

March, 28 2013

Megan Connolly, ChART Director offers expert advice & tours of the 798 Art District. Link

February 6, 2013

UnChARTed Issue 18 – Check it out. Link

January, 20 2013

ChART Contemporary experiences mentioned in de viaje! Link

January 2, 2013

ChART featured as Modern Must in 002houston magazine. Link

November 22, 2012

ChART STOP is for cool kids and open for buisness. Link

October 29, 2012

ChART Contemporary teams up with the U.S. Embassy for a 4-part lecture/workshop series about Day Without Art/World AIDS Day to local Chinese HS students. Link

October 18, 2012

Megan Connolly, ChART Director shares her thoughts about Liu Bolin in Newsweek Magazine. Link

August 17, 2012

ChART Directors share their thoughts with Agenda Magazine. Link

June 29, 2012

UnChARTed Issue 17 – Check it out. Link

May 28, 2012

UnChARTed Issue 16 – Check it out. Link

May 9, 2012

UnChARTed Issue 15 – Check it out. Link

April 28, 2012

Book a contemporary Chinese art, design, architecture and fashion experience with a ChART Contemporary expert today! Link

December 21, 2011

ChART Experience given thumbs up in Travel Weekly. Link

December 20, 2011

Plan a meeting or event in 798 with ChART. Link

November 7, 2011

UnChARTed Issue 12 – Check it out. Link

September 24- October 3, 2011

Beijing Design Week @ Dashilar. Link

September 8, 2011

UnChARTed Issue 11 – Check it out. Link

July 29, 2011

ChART STOP - Book pARTy: join us in Caochangdi @5pm this Saturday, July 30th. Link

June, 22 2011

UnChARTed Issue 09 - check it out. Link

April 23, 2011

ChART Stop: First Stop opens during the Caochangdi Photofest. Link

April 3, 2011

Director, Megan Connolly, quoted in Newsweek. Link

March 21, 2011

UnChARTed Issue 05 and 06 -check it out. Link

January 20th, 2011

UnChARTed Issue 04 -check it out. Link

January 15th, 2011

Open House at Platform China's The Third Party until Jan 23rd. Link

December 2, 2010

Thank you Chambers Fine Art, Galerie Urs Meile, Pekin Fine Arts, ShanghART, White Space and He Yunchang for participating in Day Without Art. Link

November 26, 2010

ChART Contemporary and the Young Guerilla Informers (YGI's) are organizing a Day Without Art (DWA), which coincides with World AIDS Day for the third time on December 1, 2010. Link

November 4, 2010

ChART Team Player - Welcome Clare Pennington. Link

October 12, 2010

ChART Co-Founder exhibition announcement. Link

September 22, 2010

ChART Tours now offered in Italian. Link

September 17, 2010

TED Shares Ideas About City and Art Development. Link

September 11, 2010

ChART Contemporary to participate in Tedx Factory 798. Link

August 27, 2010

Join our mailing list. Link

August 25, 2010

ChART Tours now offered in German. Link

August 4, 2010

Emerging artist Huang Xiaoliang added to ChART website. HUANG XIAOLIANG was born in Xiangxi , Hunan province in 1985. A 2009 graduate from Qingdao University , Huang majored in Digital Media and currently divides his time between Changsha and Beijing. Link

July 22, 2010

ChART Contemporary participates in a panel discussion organized by The Jump Foundation on Tuesday, July 27th from 7:00-9:00 p.m.. Link

June 26, 2010

ChART Contemporary lends a voice to Christian Lemmerz for “Hypnosis” at the Faurschou Gallery in Beijing. Link

July 22, 2010

ChART Contemporary participates in a panel discussion organized by The Jump Foundation on Tuesday, July 27th from 7:00-9:00 pm Link

June 18, 2010

ChART Contemporary awarded Asian Cultural Council research grant. Link

June 14, 2010

Emerging artist Yang Xinguang added to ChART website. Stay tuned for more details about Yang Xinguang and ChART Contemporary's collaboration. Link

June 9, 2010

ChART welcomes Ms. Kailin Weng