Yang Xinguang


Yang Xinguang (b.1980) is an emerging artist from Hunan province with two decades of wood carving experience. He started carving his first twig at the age of ten when he became obsessed with the organic material and the process of altering its form with his own hands. Since then, wood has become a central material in his practice. Yang combines a meticulous dedication to the creation process with the readymade concept to produce minimal sculpture and installations that return to nature while reflecting the impact of industrialization and globalization on our environment.

A 2007 graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yang received a BFA in sculpture and currently lives in Beijing. His work has been exhibited in China, Hong Kong and Switzerland.


Counting Sand, sand, various dimensions, 2009
Leaf, wood and a leaf, varying dimensions, 2009
Thin, wood, varying dimensions, 2009

Dead Birds Installation, peach wood, varying dimensions, 2008
Sheet of Wood No.1 & 2, wood 76x71cm, 2008
A Piece of Wood, pinewood 350x45cm, 2007