Open House - Royal Pond

ChART Contemporary Collaborates with DALeast for Open House: Royal Pond, a Series of Curatorial Experiments Reflecting Our Mission of Bringing Together Art and People. Join us on June 21, 2009, from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. and experience a new site-specific installation created by DALeast and curated by ChART Contemporary.

Royal Pond is a visual narrative created from sound and graffiti-inspired painting techniques. The fable illustrates the story of the “common people” and takes class struggle as a point of departure to reflect the erosion of the middle class and plight of the working class in modern China. Combining personal narrative with his observations of how working class families and “common people” live, DALeast draws us into an “underwater world” where reality is bleak for a mother and son who cannot escape their fate as they sink into the abyss.

In pre-Confucian China, the feudal system divided the population into 6 classes: 4 noble classes with the king at the top, followed by the dukes, then the great men and finally the scholars. Below the noble classes were commoners and slaves. Today commoners and slaves are synonymous with the working-class, and are being pushed and consumed by society. Royal Pond is a fairytale turned nightmare that contemplates social stratification and the lack of social mobility for the working class.

DALeast (b. 1984) is an emerging artist based in Wuhan and a founding member of Chirp--one of the earliest artist collectives in China to combine public art with graffiti. Since 2008, this young artist has expanded his practice combining painting with sound and video installation and in 2010 he joined the IDT crew, a graffiti collective based in Beijing. Open House: Royal Pond was his first solo exhibition.



Open House: Royal Pond a collaboration between ChART Contemporary and DALeast, June 21, 2009