Open House - Living in Oblivion

ChART Contemporary collaborates with Huang Xiaoliang for Open House: Living in Oblivion -a series of curatorial experiments reflecting our mission of bringing together art and people on September 5 from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

While some would argue that sacrifice is part of achieving success, Huang Xiaoliang’s most recent project--Open House: Living in Oblivion--forces us to face the reality of passively living in an “artificial” post-industrial environment. Rather than preserve the natural beauty bestowed upon us, we are plagued by the ironic desire to consume our natural resources and destroy the natural landscape under the guise of modernization and development. As we strive for “success” and long for a “better” living standard, we make compromises that lead us farther and farther away from nature. Open House: Living in Oblivion encourages us to remember what we have lost and subtly touches on the impact this loss is having on our psyche. This event marks Huang’s first solo exhibition in Beijing. The artist combines sound with animation and video projections to create this installation.

Huang Xiaoliang was born in Xiangxi, Hunan province, in 1985. A 2009 graduate of Qingdao University, Huang majored in digital media and currently divides his time between Changsha and Beijing. As part of the 2010 Three Shadows Photography Award, Huang received the Tierney Fellowship. Most recently, he received the Fang Jun art prize from the Today Art Museum.

Special Thanks To:

Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-LucerneRed Gate Residency



Open House - Living in Oblivion 样板间:野掉的诗意