Day Without Art

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Day Without Art

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Day Without Art (DWA)

On December 1st 1989, A Day Without Art (DWA) was initiated by a group of art professionals. Over 600 museums, galleries and other arts institutions across the United States participated in DWA to raise international awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Today, DWA is celebrated on December 1st around the world.

In sync with our overarching mission of bringing together art & people, ChART Contemporary decided to bring DWA to Beijing and raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic by engaging young minds through the creation of a conceptual student league called the Young Guerrilla Informers (YGI’s).

December 1, 2013

For the 2nd year, ChART Contemporary teamed up with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to organize Day Without Art (DWA). Over 200 posters created by local high school students were exhibited at the Inside Out Museum. The posters were the result of four workshops led by KC Vienna Connolly about AIDS awareness and artists affected by HIV/AIDS. On December 1, students from four schools came together to celebrate World AIDS Day. They created a graffiti wall inspired by Keith Haring, ate candy from a pile inspired by Felix Torres Gonzales and danced to tunes by Gil Scott-Heron and Fela Kuti. In 2008 we engaged 8 young minds and this year we reached over 200 students.

December 1, 2012

For the fifth consecutive year, ChART Contemporary mobilized high school students in Beijing to raise awareness on World AIDS Day through creativity. Teaming up with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, ChART Directors lectured to 150 students about the history of Day Without Art and concluded the program with a poster-making workshop. A panel of judges from the U.S. Embassy and ChART narrowed the submissions down to 15 works of art, which were on view at the Beijing American Art Center on December 1, 2012. Students, families and ChART allies gathered for the opening and voted for the top 3 works. During the voting, students and guests participated in an AIDS ribbon-making workshop, and remembered the creatives who are no longer with us but have made huge contributions to the art world. It is hard to change the world but with the support of the U.S. Embassy and enthusiasm from Beijing’s youth, ChART Contemporary achieved their mission of bringing together art & people.

December 1, 2011

At five PM, high school students came together in the ChART STOP in the Caochangdi Art District for a ribbon-making workshop. Discussing the AIDS epidemic and the origins of a Day Without Art, the students shared ideas while creating over 1000 ribbons. The YGI’s distributed these AIDS ribbons throughout the village, entering hair salons, restaurants and even a pharmacy! The group spread awareness to the local Chinese community while making the world a more informed place.

December 1, 2010

At Noon, over 100 students from 3 Beijing high schools joined forces for an AIDS ribbon-making workshop hosted by Galerie Urs Meile in the Caochangdi Art District. Reaching our goal of 4,000 ribbons, we hit the streets. The YGI’s distributed student designed stickers and AIDS ribbons throughout the Caochangdi Art District and local community. Along the way we stopped at different galleries to shroud outdoor sculptures. The YGI’s and ChART Contemporary spread awareness, covered 14 sculptures, visited 5 galleries, took over 1 artist studio and spoke to a community about HIV/AIDS.


Beijing World Youth Academy
Chambers Fine Art
He Yunchang Studio
Pékin Fine Arts
ShanghART Beijing
White Space


Beijing City International School
Beijing World Youth Academy
Gung Ho! Pizza
Western Academy of Beijing
Unity Art Design

December 1, 2009

At 4:30 PM, 80 YGI's and 20 supportive allies gathered in Beijing's "booming" 798 Art District for 1½ hours. The YGI's shrouded outdoor sculptures with black fabric- marking the 20th anniversary of DWA. Nine groups were stationed outside galleries and artist studios for 1½ hours. Participating spaces closed their doors to the public as a symbolic gesture while the YGI's handed out over 3,000 red ribbons and student-designed stickers in an effort to spread awareness.


Beijing Commune, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Galleria Continua, Gao Brothers Studio, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Jinzenghe Studio, Tang Contemporary Art, Timezone 8, Yuanfen New Media Art Center, & Xindong Cheng Gallery


Beijing World Youth Academy
Unity Art Design

December 1, 2008

At 5:00 pm, ChART Contemporary and 8 YGI's headed underground for 1½ hours. Riding the subway from Taiyanggong to Guomao and back, the YGI's distributed over 1,000 AIDS ribbons. Beijing commuters looked up from their newspapers, turned down their iPods, put their video games on hold, and became aware of the reality beyond Line 10.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved with our DWA 2010 initiative