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Curious ChART Tours give you a taste of new China and provide the basic tools that allow you to have a better understanding of contemporary lifestyle and culture in China. The Curious experience is an ideal choice if you are looking to add a contemporary element to any China tour.

Curious experiences generally last 2-3 hours.

"We absolutely loved the tour and your insight into contemporary Chinese art. Our global visitors were blown away by the variety as well as your insider knowledge on the industry."

- Adam Antoniewicz (Curious ChARTer)


Committed ChART Tours are the perfect option if you want to understand the history and development of contemporary Chinese art from an insider’s point of view. Whether you have a specific research focus or are building a contemporary art collection, this is the ideal selection for private collectors, journalists, curators, incentive groups, institutions, or students.

Committed ChART Tours generally last 3 to 4 hours.

“My husband and I traveled to China last Spring and spent 4 days touring with Megan & KC -- every minute was wonderful and memorable. We visited galleries and museums, had special access to art spaces, and we were able to get a more complete understanding of the art scene in Beijing through them.”

- Susan Jacobson (Committed ChARTer)


Fanatic ChART Tours are designed for people who eat, breathe and sleep contemporary art and culture. Whether you want to meet independently with artists in the studio, gain insider access to private collections, organize a cocktail or dinner in an intimate art setting, or meet some of China’s most interesting creatives, fanatics receive a complete a complete immersion into new China.

The duration of the fanatic experience is up to you. We recommend at least 1 full day.

“Thank you both again for agreeing to help me on this very important trip. So wonderful these few days we spent together and having you on board made a huge difference. Thank you for giving your energy in delivering my message to people we met. I felt straight away that I can trust you to put it in the right words. What a relief it was!”

- Natalia Vodianova (Fanatic ChARTer)